quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

Participation conditions

The meeting takes place between 19 and 31 of July in Santa Cruz beach in Torres Vedras.

Torres Vedras’s Town hall invites 12 artists, national and foreigners, who may be accompanied by a family member or friend.

To guests, the town hall offers:
watercolor paper,
lunch and dinner,
a space for socializing / work room, in which the artists can share techniques and experiences
the ability to expose and sell their work
the ability to guide a workshop
an exhibition in a public space and a catalog

  In return, participants must:
paint in public spaces on the beach of Santa Cruz and Torres Vedras
hold a public demonstration at a location of his/her choice on the beach in Santa Cruz
allow photographs and disclosure of your stay in the event
leave two paintings for Torres Vedras town hall whish will be chosen by the organization
authorize the use of images of their work by Torres Vedras town hall.

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